Producing materials for compete health

Body Mind Health for all

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Optimal Health

Producing health courses on nutrition and other lifestyle choices that promote optimal health and wellbeing for body, mind & soul.

Personal Help

We serve anyone who desires health with online courses and video chat coaching. Personal one-on-one help or take one of our courses or BOTH!

Plant Based Cooking

With plant based cooking focus, all diets are welcome. We know it can be a challege to meet nutritional needs on restricted diets, let us help you!

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Producing materials to give you complete health - body, mind & soul!

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We create health materials including online video courses based on vegan or plant based cooking and scientific research on optimal health and longevity. This includes mental wellness, and not only how that affects our physical health but, because we should enjoy life. Visit our new website: for our online courses and personalized coaching.

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