Need delicious vegetarian or vegan recipes for healthier meals? Get cooking some wholesome recipes with these healthy vegetarian cookbooks. CLICK HERE to view them all!


"BUT I don't need another cookbook," you say. Don't be so sure! Many of us need encouragement to keep cooking healthy foods for our families. Many of us get bored cooking the same old foods. So dig in to a fresh meal with one of these delightful cookbooks. These cookbooks have many basic recipes and batch recipes that you can use instead of purchasing products. If you want quick, simple and easy, you can use purchased products as directed. I've tried to make these books cover everything for everyone, but in doing so, some may find bookmarkers a handy tool! So whether you are a beginner or experienced cook, you can find many recipes out of the 850 recipes in these books to suit you.



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 These attractive and easy recipes provide an excellent opportunity to learn more ways to enjoy plant-based meals and reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.

Vickie Griffin, MPA, MACN, Missionary, Missionary

 Angela is a real professional with a great eye and ability to create visual connections. She grasps the vision you communicate, and comes up with a polished pro..

Lynn McDowel, Alberta, Canada


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